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We have saved Sellers over $1 Billion in sales commissions since 1980!

What do we charge?

Below are the fees we charge to sell your home. Please understand that the deep discounts you see here are for a full service real estate offering. There is no compromise on service. We believe fees around 6% belong in the distant past when there was no internet and real estate agents spent countless hours and days matching buyers and sellers using primitive time consuming systems. The industry still largely clings to these fees.

We leverage advanced technology with plain old fashioned service to bring buyers and sellers fair fees with service people tell us again and again is better then any previous real estate experience they have had. In this tough economy please why waste $1000’s on real estate fees?  Please give us the opportunity to understand your specific situation and allow us to explain how we can sell your home and save you a small fortune.  There’s no pressure, no hidden fees and we expect you may well learn something of value from this meeting.

Real estate commission in general

Real estate commission for selling a home typically consists of two separate elements. One, the listing fee, is the charge the agent selling your home will secure when your home is sold. The other is a commission the seller of the home offers agents who brings a buyer who eventually buys your home. Typically, the listing fee is 3% and the fee to an agent who brings the eventual buyer is also 3%.

The sum of these two elements is the total you, the seller, will have to pay to sell your home and typically this runs from 5-6%. An agent who lists your home will likely earn up to 6% if they also find the buyer.

Our commission fees

We offer the following two money saving offers to sellers with truly exceptional service that our many clients say was their best real estate experience ever had:


Secure the benefit of a dedicated professional full time real estate broker to sell your home.  We determine with you the best price for your home, show your home to potential buyers, place your home details on all the major real estate web sites, provide a realty sign with brochures, handle all negotiations – everything to ensure you have a smooth closing.  For the first 30 days your home is not listed on the MLS.  With many homes in San Diego North County selling in ten days or less you may be able to sell your home in days with our help and maximize your savings. A buyer’s agent who wishes to earn commission needs to negotiate their fee with us possibly increasing the offer price to cover this fee.  Please do not confuse this approach to that of a “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) as you would secure a full service approach in every way except for the MLS listing.  With home inventory very low across North County this program may well attract a buyer before we need to list on the MLS.  After 30 days if there has been no sale we suggest you move to our “MLS for less program” adding the home to MLS.  We can still save you many $1,000’s at this stage.

For a home that sells for $700,000 where the traditional fee may well $42,000 at 6% your savings here may be as much as $37,000.


Most real estate agents charge 6% commission for the sale of your home.

 For a listing fee of just 1.5% we will place your home on the MLS offering 2.5% to the agent that brings you the buyer.  If we find the buyer, we only charge 1% so your worst case fee is then just 4% and the best case will be 2.5%.  You only pay if you sell and your home is listed and sold exactly the same way other agents do only you will likely find we do a much better job. 

The examples below show some typical scenarios.

Example – Your home sells for $750,000

$750,000 Traditional Fees* Our Fees You Save
Worst Case $45,000 $30,000 $15,000
Best Case $45,000 $18,750 $26,250

Example – Your home sells for $985,000

$985,000 Traditional Fees* Our Fees You Save
Worst Case $59,100 $39,400 $19,700
Best Case $59,100 $24,625 $34,475

Example – Your home sells for $425,000

$425,000 Traditional Fees* Our Fees You Save
Worst Case $25,500 $17,000 $8,500
Best Case $25,500 $10,625 $14,875

Example – Your home sells for $1,450,000

$1,450,000 Traditional Fees* Our Fees You Save
Worst Case $87,000 $58,000 $29,000
Best Case $87,000 $36,250 $50,750

What People Are Saying

  • Joanne did everything and more than a full service agent charging 2 1/2 - 3% but only charged us 1 1/4%

    David Carchidi

  • If I had to do it again, I would go with Joanne in a heartbeat

    Judy Z.

  • Joanne negotiated a great price and attended all the follow up visits

    Name withheld

*Fees vary on properties over $500K. Savings based on national statistics for all Assist-2-Sell offices compared to paying a 6% commission. Commission are negotiable and not set by law. Any comparisons to a percentage commission, are for illustration and comparison purposes only. The information herein is deemed to be accurate, but not guaranteed. If your home is listed with a REALTOR this is not intended as a solicitation of your listing.