For Home Buyers

We can save you a $FORTUNE buying your next home

Should you be buying a home in San Diego County over $500K, we can rebate you at closing up to 1% of the selling price.  You will see no difference in service – just savings, possibly enough to cover most of your closing costs.

When you use an agent to but a home they typically get paid between 2.5% and 3% in commission when the sale is completed. On a $700,000 home this might be as much as $21,000. In an example like this we could rebate to you $7,000 at close of escrow. We often find today’s buyers are finding the homes (include new ones) they want to consider buying by themselves. The internet has made this easier. We see many buyers at open houses with no agent to help them.  Since buyers are saving their agents considerable time and traveling costs we think the commission fee should be much lower. If you are a serious buyer, qualified and ready to purchase your next home we can explain how we can save you a fortune. Once you see a home you wish to make an offer on then all our local experience in market valuations and negotiations will help ensure you pay the right price. We help you through every stage of the buying process attending inspections and walk-throughs that many other full fee agents avoid or delegate to junior staff. We can explain all this in a few minutes with a call to 760-438-1000.