October 2014 Update North County Monthly Market Trends

September detached 2014 sales dropped significantly as did inventory and this was for the first time in months. Distressed sales are almost a thing of the past with just 14 out of the 278 detached homes sold in North County last month. Half of these were in Oceanside zip 92057 which has stubbornly continued to have these but across the board they represent a small percentage of all sales.

With the third quarter of 2014 over we again surveyed Carlsbad zip code 2009 for pricing trends by house size. This roughly equates to house prices and again we see prices moving up almost in all categories with $1M homes and over gaining them most after lagging behind the lower price ranges. We are now back to the prices we last saw during 2005-6. We continue to see about half the homes sold are in escrow in 14 days or less. In the first chart below you can track detached home prices for Carlsbad zip code 2009 for the last few years up until the end of September this year by quarter.