Frequently Asked Questions

Surely You Get What You Pay For?

These days astute sellers know how to negotiate the best deals. You might push a traditional real estate company to knock a few dollars off their fees but their cost structure is not able to handle discounts and still offer great service – but we can!  We are top professionals with a terrific knowledge of this area and a total commitment to service that will knock your socks off. We own the company and we are part of the largest discount full service operation in North America.

When a $700,000 home costs typically $42,000 in fees to sell we ask how can we charge so much—an amount equal to a good annual salary for many Americans today? How can we ask for such a fee in this economy? Instead we will give you the best real estate experience you have ever had at a fraction of the normal fees. This is the future of real estate.

So What is the Full Service You Offer?

We offer all the service and more you would expect from a traditional fee real estate agent. Our clients will tell you how impressed they are with us when we first meet them. Please check our testimonials. After our first meeting most people say they have never seen an agent so prepared to discuss their specific home armed with the most comprehensive information to help market their home effectively. Some of the larger agents may attend an initial meeting and then delegate most of the work to the “team” of often junior subordinates. Your Assist-2-Sell agent will stay with you until the sale is completed and nothing is delegated to junior staff.

Once listed on the MLS with high quality pictures, brochures and distribution to all the majorweb sites our work really begins. A crucial factor to selling your home lies in how responsive you agent is to any inquiry. We respond seven days a week at all hours to any interest in your property showing buyers your home, running open houses and working with other agents. Once a buyer is interested we negotiate the best possible deal for your home. This this can be an intense, emotional and skillful process we believe we excel in. Once in escrow we work hard at every stage of this often complex process, attending key inspections and often “oiling the wheels” to achieve a timely close.

Why Risk Your Largest Investment to a Discount Realtor?

What risk? We typically secure great prices for our client and they get to save $1,000’s. Our clients love us. Your home will be on the MLS and all the major real estate sites, we run open houses, bring buyers in at all hours, handle all the paper work and negotiate hard to protect your investment. We do not discount our efforts, only our fees. The risk is yours if you go the old fashioned way and maybe secure average or worse service and still pay $1000’s more. Surely that’s a bigger risk?

How Can Your Fees Be So Low?

Our fees are fair and we work really hard to earn them.  We would rather be busy earning less than spending weeks and months searching and spending marketing funds seeking clients prepared to pay 6% in fees.

What’s the Catch?

Here’s the best part—there are none. We let you cancel our contract at any time reflecting our confidence in the service and results we offer. If you invite us to discuss the sale of your home we will prepare a detailed competitive market analysis (CMA) at no charge. We will describe in detail exactly how we will market your home, advise you on staging, open houses and any other detail that might make a difference. There is a simple low cost fee structure and if your home does not sell there is no charge and there are never any hidden extras. Ask your traditional real estate agent to let you out of his contract.

Can You Help Buyers?

Yes, as experts in North County real estate we can help you locate a great deal and in many situations rebate 35% of our commission (subject to bank approval for a bank owned home) on any home over $400K that is not a short sale. This can go a long way towards your closing costs. To benefit from the rebate you will need to be in a position to move quickly with finances arranged. This is a good idea anyway because the best deals go quickly to those who are financially qualified.

What’s Next?

If you are not selling now please keep us in mind when you do or invite us in for a chat and a free home valuation. We plan to be around for a long time but if you are ready to sell call Joanne Leigh on 760-438-1000 (or email her at [email protected]) and please let us talk to you about listing your home before leaving $1,000’s of your hard earned money on someone’s table.