Carlsbad, CA Real Estate
(Zip Codes 92008, 92009, 92010, 92011)

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Market Trends in Carlsbad

Carlsbad ZIP 92008 Market Trend Summary

This Month January 2017

January saw both average sales and inventory.  No real trend here yet when looking at December last year which had a similar picture.

Last Month December 2016

December sales of detached homes at 19 were a little above average and there were no distressed homes sold.  Inventory was slightly above average for January going back five years.  In December it was taking an average of 29 days to sell a home which is quite fast.

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Carlsbad ZIP 92009 Market Trend Summary

This Month January 2017

January sale slightly above average sales of detached homes at 35 and inventory was slightly below at 71 indicating at today’s rate about two months of inventory which is low.

Last Month December 2016

December has been an erratic month here with numbers jumping around but at 41 detached sales it was around average. There was one short sale. Inventory was just below average.  It was taking about 44 days on average to sell a home here in December which is a little low.  Lat year, 2016, sales at 454 were well down on the 550 we saw in 2015.

Carlsbad 92009 price trend

The analysis below was updated January 5th 2017.

We have been analyzing North County zip codes for market trends  for over ten years and have wealth of data covering every month since then.  You can see monthly snapshots if you click on the cities on this web site and scroll down to market trends. We have tracked Carlsbad zip code 92009 in more detail looking for price trends.  This zip code has a large enough housing stock to provide meaningful statistics. We break down 92009 by size of the homes in square feet and now we have completed the fourth quarter in 2016 can assess where prices are now.

Please note all prices are per square foot

1500-2000 sq. ft.  Prices reached a high in 2005 $381 then slumped before recovering to $417 in 2Q in 2016 slipping back to $403 last quarter (October to December 2016)  We saw $402 a year ago so this zip seems to have plateaued out.

2001-2500 sq. ft.  These homes reached $351 in 2005 and all time high reach first quarter 2016 of $359 and those levels largely maintained with last quarter at $358 so seems this size home has plateaued at this level.

2501-3000 sq. ft.  The third quarter 2016 saw a large price jump to a new record high of $342 well above $312 the previous quarter and $327 way back in 2005.  Last quarter this slipped back to $328 and we did see $329 in the third quarter 2015 so arguably prices have been unchanged overall for 15 months here in this size home.

3001-3500 sq. ft.  The third quarter 2016 we saw $327 one dollar higher then the previous quarter and it was $308 back in 2005.  In the last quarter October to December 2016 it slipped back to $303 and it was $305 in 2Q 2015 so overall with some erratic moves prices have been roughly the same now for 18 months.

3501-4000 sq. ft.  There has been almost no price increases here for two years as we saw $304 now and $301 2Q 2014.  Since then there have been some price “spikes” as high as $318 2Q 2016 but now back down again.

4001-4500 sq. ft. It was $310 in 2005 and it is now $330 based on a very sample of just five homes.  We saw $330 2Q 2016 so higher prices seem to be maintained but maybe static now.

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Carlsbad ZIP 92010 Market Trend Summary

This Month January 2017

January sales at 11 were slightly above average and inventory at 16 quite a bit above average but as always here with such low numbers to look at any trend is hard to identify.

Last Month December 2016

Sales were about average in December with ten detached homes sold and none were distressed.  Inventory at 10 was well below average but we did see just 6 five years ago.  It was taking a very low 17 days on average to sell a house here which is a very fast turnover.  Sale s in 2016 were almost the same as in 2015 (149 to 153) The low inventory and fats turnover may well mean your home here may sell in a few days so please do not pay someone 5-6% to achieve this!  Call Joanne 760-855-5541 to save a small fortune in those fees and get great service.


Carlsbad ZIP 92011 Market Trend Summary

This Month January 2017

January saw a very low 10 sales of detached homes compared to the high 19 we saw last January but inventory slipped to just 28 and it was 39 this time last February.  That inventory figure was the lowest we have seen since tracking these number in 2009.  Could be a seller’s market if those sales figures perk up.

Last Month December 2016

Home sales at 18 were slightly below average for December with no distressed sales.  Inventory was also about average as was the number of days to see a home in December at 28.  In 2016 288 homes were sold compared to 226 in 2015.  No real trend here for now.