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We have been analyzing North County zip codes for market trends  for over ten years and have wealth of data covering every month since then.  You can see monthly snapshots if you click on the cities on this web site and scroll down to market trends. We have tracked Carlsbad zip code 92009 in more detail looking for price trends.  This zip code has a large enough housing stock to provide meaningful statistics. We break down 92009 by size of the homes in square feet and now we have completed the third quarter in 2016 can assess where prices are now.

Please note all prices are per square foot

1500-2000 sq. ft.  Prices reached a high in 2005 $381 then slumped before recovering to $417 in 2Q this year slipping back slightly to $407 last quarter (July-September)

2001-2500 sq. ft.  These homes reached $351 in 2005 and all time high reach last quarter to $358.  However it was $354 a year ago so prices generally stable here for some time.

2501-3000 sq. ft.  Last quarter saw a large price jump to a new record high of $342 well above $312 the previous quarter and $327 way back in 2005.

3001-3500 sq. ft.  Last quarter was $327 one dollar higher then the previous quarter and it was $308 back in 2005.  It was $316 a year ago.

3501-4000 sq. ft.  There has been almost no price increases here for 18 months.  It was $295 last quarter and $302 first quarter last year.  It was $306 in 2005.

4001-4500 sq. ft. It was $310 in 2005 and it is now $306 down form $330 on the second quarter this year.  Over a year ago it was $326.

With one exception (2501-3000) prices appear to have leveled off and some have been static for a year here in 92009 Carlsbad.

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